4 definitions by Alex Taylor

To be in a hurry or panicing. Unusual word is spelt with a silent M
I'm not mfusticated! Stop being mfusticated!
by alex taylor May 07, 2007
a crustup is when you leave your food on the table without eating it for hours and it goes dry and crispy.
Works well on potato and cheese.
ah! mum, there's been a crustup, my potato and cheese have gone crispy
by alex taylor June 28, 2007
Breast dribble, nipple juice. You get the picture...
OOPS! just lost a bit of tittle spital!
by Alex Taylor April 07, 2008
Any faeces or flatulance resulting in a foul, putrid smell giving one a mental image of the UK's prime minister.
a: Oh my god! I just did a Gordon's Brown, can you smell it!
b: Yeah that thing practically knocked me out!
by Alex Taylor April 05, 2008

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