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Political slang for "What are you gonna do about it?"
I will be putting together a blue ribbon committee consisting of myself and Miss Childs.
by Alex Stockwell April 01, 2009
Nickname for smoke detectors, based on their inability to tell the difference between a fire and someone cooking.
I was fixing a steak, and the cooking alarm went off. Fire department came and everything.
by Alex Stockwell May 22, 2010
Short for North American Man Gun Love Association. A joke name for the National Rifle Association, or NRA.
Hey, who's in charge of NAMGLA now that Chuck Heston's dead?
by Alex Stockwell July 06, 2009
The reason so many people are embarassed to be white. The white equivalent of "niggas" as in Chris Rock's bit "Black People vs Niggas"; there's white people, and then there's rednecks, and rednecks have got to go.
While it's true not all douchebags are rednecks, all rednecks are douchebags.
by Alex Stockwell August 29, 2009
When a good actor is forced to star in a bad movie due to needing a lot of money fast, ie. sudden big tax bill.
How the hell did the Oogieloves movie get so many great actors?

Looks like the IRS Casting Agency had a hand.
by Alex Stockwell September 08, 2012
When a radio DJ plays a longer song than usual, it's often because he has to take a shit, and wants to ensure the song doesn't end while he's still in the John.
Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" is a very popular shit-take song with DJs.
by Alex Stockwell July 05, 2014
Politically-correct term for evil.
"Please, we don't use the word 'avarice' around here. We prefer 'objectivism'."
by Alex Stockwell October 21, 2013

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