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43 definitions by Alex Stockwell

Thick, curly hair as it grows on the head of a Scottish or Irish person.
Check out Sully, he is rockin' that mickfro!
by Alex Stockwell August 08, 2008
14 1
When you injure your butt internally in some way, and it causes you to let out some really acrid farts with the faint smell of metal, like there's blood in them.
Ever since I fell off that stool, I've been having the worst blood farts.
by Alex Stockwell January 08, 2008
47 34
Jewish-American actress, best known for such movies as The Specials, The Hebrew Hammer, The Village(unfortunately), and Adaptation, and a number of TV shows that tend to get canceled before their time, despite being brilliant, most notably Arrested Development. Is also extremely sexy, in that Jewish Princess way.
Dude, rent What Planet Are You From! Judy Greer gets naked in it, and she has the most amazing body!
by Alex Stockwell July 18, 2010
13 3
Awesome rock band from Detroit made up of the world's sexiest drummer and her ex-husband.
Somebody's screaming
Looking at the ceiling
Everything's so funny
I don't have any money
People don't even know me
But they know how to show me

Why can't you be nicer to me?

-White Stripes, Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me
by Alex Stockwell October 15, 2010
19 10
A sexual obsession with the Jewish people, the same way many guys are obsessed with Asian chicks.
by Alex Stockwell July 18, 2010
12 3
Short for North American Man Gun Love Association. A joke name for the National Rifle Association, or NRA.
Hey, who's in charge of NAMGLA now that Chuck Heston's dead?
by Alex Stockwell July 06, 2009
22 13
Political slang for "What are you gonna do about it?"
I will be putting together a blue ribbon committee consisting of myself and Miss Childs.
by Alex Stockwell April 01, 2009
11 2