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Snide way of saying a woman isn't a natural blonde, implying she bleaches her hair.
What do you use in your hair, Clorox shampoo?
by Alex Stockwell July 26, 2007
A doo wop song, originally by the Four Deuces, then covered by the Mothers of Invention. WPLJ stands for White Port and Lemon Juice, and the lyrics are about what a tasty concoction this is.
I say WPLJ, really taste good to me
WPLJ, won't you take a drink with me
Well, it's a good good wine
It really make you feel so fine
(So fine, so fine, so fine)
by Alex Stockwell June 17, 2007
Similar to a handjob, a sleevejob is when you rub someone's genitals with some kind of cloth or fabric between your hand and their privates, like doing it with long sleeves, hence, a sleevejob. Because of the friction from the cloth, the resulting orgasm can be very intense.
"How'd you get in here?"
"Oh, I have my ways."
"Yeah, I'll bet you gave the guard a sleevejob!"
The Firesign Theatre, "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers"
by Alex Stockwell September 01, 2006
When you masturbate while thinking of somebody you hate, sometimes a celebrity.
Guy 1: You thought about Lindsay Lohan last night?

Guy 2: I know, I hate myself.

And now, because it won't work without it, guilty jerk.
by Alex Stockwell July 31, 2009
Rather unflattering description of a woman whose so skinny she looks like a man, and whose skin is way too tan, almost like leather, or like George.
A lot of guys think Jessica Simpson is hot, but I think she looks like George Hamilton in drag.
by Alex Stockwell October 29, 2006
To have a rough, unkempt look.
When I fly, I don't care how I look, I'm just like fuck pie.
by Alex Stockwell August 19, 2006
Similar to Godwin's Law, this states that the longer a debate on comedy goes on, the more likely one person will compare the other's sense of humor to Seltzer and Frieberg, aka Seltzerberg. Named for Internet radio personality Josh Hadley(Lost in the Static, Radiodrome), who tends to do this a lot.
"Dude, you liked that movie? It's like Seltzer and Frieberg!"

"Dude, you know you just confirmed Hadley's Law?"
by Alex Stockwell August 23, 2012
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