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A bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
Are you telling me you're one of those uptight, blood-sucking republicans? Get against the wall!
by Alex Stockwell November 25, 2006
Ugly, scrawny, stupid cunt who the media wants us to think is sexy, due to one of her ancestors getting into the business of renting rooms which, much like Paris herself, are often completely coated in semen.
The next guy who says he wants to fuck Paris Hilton, I'm gonna stab him in the eye with one of those pens that you click the tip in and out.
by Alex Stockwell August 02, 2008
To pretend to be stupid to get people to drop their guard, as many liberals(ie. Patton Oswalt) suspect President Bush of doing.
Patton Oswalt on "pulling a dubya": Bush isn't stupid, he's evil. There's a difference. When he talks about bombing Iraq, he's really eloquent and poetic, but when he talks about actually caring about another human being, that's when he tends to say things like "It's hard to put food on your family".
by Alex Stockwell June 06, 2007
Police code for African Americans, and sometimes other minorities. Very popular with the LAPD.
I had to bash his head in, Captain. He was resisting arrest.
by Alex Stockwell May 26, 2007
When a really big guy has a large cock, but it looks small due to his over-all size, much like T-Rex's arms.
My cock is seven inches, but I'm 6'7", so it looks kinda dinky. I have a T-Rex dick.
by Alex Stockwell April 23, 2008
A hypothesized scenario, where a really shitty part of town becomes a dumping ground for honest, enlightened cops(ie Serpico), who all the crooked, racist cops regard as a pain the ass. The result of having a precinct full of good, upstanding cops is that the area does a total 180, becoming a near Utopia, where different races get along, there are no drugs(except a little weed, here and there), and everybody is happy and friendly.
"Isn't MLK Boulevard a bad area?"
"No, not lately. Since all the good cops have been sent there, it's starting to turn into a Serpico precinct."
by Alex Stockwell June 01, 2007
To ruin something beautiful by trying to improve it.
You think I should lose weight?

Hey, don't put your foot through a Van Gogh, now.
by Alex Stockwell November 10, 2007

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