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1 definition by Alex Parshikov

Marilyn Manson - the pen-name of a rock artist (birth name: Brian Warner), member of the band formerly known as Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. Now the band is also referred to as simply Marilyn Manson. Technically, it's not so much of a problem because about the only person who stays there always is Marilyn Manson himself. Some of the line-up changes from time to time.

MM is certainly a good target for criticism, but needs no defense: his reactions to the criticism are always quite keen and precise.

While his public image may seem shocking to public eye, he is NOT any of the following (although it has been claimed):
- Satanist or Devil worshipper
- Gay
- Mentally unbalanced
- Killer of little animals on stage (unlike Ozzy, who bit a head off a pigeon)

I cannot for sure tell if MM has anything against Christianity as a school of thought. If he is as intelligent as he seems (and he does make quite an impression), I doubt he is. But he definitely has a problem with the Christian religious institutes such as church (btw, chuch does not necessarily imply philosophy or even simple faith).

Personal opinion of mine is that his utterances are not to be overvalued, as they, while having value, DO fall short of an elegant philosophy MM seems to seek. Maybe he should spend a little more time with good books, but with his job I understand it can be difficult. I wish he weren't so caught up with the whole anti-christian act. Life is bigger than a fight against one say-but-dont-do religious system.

My guess is, MM would exell in writing. It seems he has much to say and explore, but the expectations of the crowd and limits of the format (namely, music) don't let him.

He seems to find himself in (rather good, may a add) watercolors and unique experiments with musical organic effects on the listener.

His music and imagery appeals mostly to the goth community,
much of it falls into the industrial niche, although most of his work cannot be accurately categorized, as with any truly talented artist.
A: Do you know who Marilyn Manson is?
B: M-m, I thought it was a band...
A: Well, that's true, to an extent. He's a lead singer in the band with the same name.
by Alex Parshikov August 18, 2006