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6 definitions by Alex Panzer

What russian people call black people in Russia.
Ey, negr! Ostonovis'!
by Alex Panzer August 02, 2005
A mansion is a generaly a big house. People like Hugh Hefner can afford to have and live in a mansion.
Come to the mansion for the next party
by Alex Panzer July 09, 2005
Electro Optical System, used by the camera manufacturer Canon in their film/digital cameras. Cameras like EOS Rebel 2000 or EOS Elan 7 are Electro Optical System. EF or EF-S lenses can be used on a EOS camera.
EOS-1Ds looks really hot
by Alex Panzer July 09, 2005
A paper metrocard that you ask a bus driver for if you pay for a ride with coins. It is valid for 2 hours for another type of a bus or for train ride.
When in NYC, ask for a transfer.

Hey, @$$hole, your transfer expired 3 minutes ago, get of my bus!
by Alex Panzer August 02, 2005
Someone that is not really anyone.
- Who?
- Uncle Watchamamacallit
by Alex Panzer August 04, 2005
Boring game for the boring people.
You hit a small ball with a crooked stick and walk after it on a huge piece of land.
by Alex Panzer August 28, 2005