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A ginger is lower than dirt, they are characterized by red hair, pale skin, and freckles. Gingers are unloved not only be the community, but by there parents as well. Gingers can not stand in the daylight for their very pale skin will burn in an instant, because of this they are forced to roam at night in packs. There are those who are not quite a ginger, these are called day walkers, day walkers have pale skin and freckles, but no red hair. Day walkers arent treated like gingers, but are looked down upon. Day walkers can also be outdoors while the sun is out. The gingers suffer from a social and physical disease known as "gingervitis" this disease is hereditary (passed down from ancestors) and is not curable...fortunatly, there is hope for these gingers, they will no longer have to live with this horrible disease if we kill them soon and now, if we erradicate all the gingers, then there can be no more suffering of this disease.
Dang...Sarah K is walking around in the daytime..that ginger is sure to fry soon, lets go put her out of her suffering.
by Alex Neylon November 07, 2006

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