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A girl who requires (approximately) no pints of beer in order for you to want to shag her.
Yeah, she's a bit annoying. But to be honest, she's a no-pinter.
by Alex Jones May 18, 2006
plural for fitch:- a good looking or 'fit' young lady or 'bitch'.
i.e a fitch.
as cruising down the high street you may come across a group of attractive young women;
'oi mate, check out the fitches!'
by alex jones August 27, 2003
To attack and sexually abuse a child, usually after arranging to meet on an Internet message board (forum).

Because that's what happens on the Internet.
OMGOSH you're meeting up with a load of people you met on a forum!? You're gonna get paedoed!

So I was cybering online with this girl and it turned out she was actually just another old man who wanted to paedo me. :(

by Alex Jones August 12, 2006
Kill all yall
I wishizzle i could Kizzalzzial.
by alex jones November 05, 2003
a 'fit' or attractive young lady or 'bitch'
as cruising down the high street you may come across an attractive yung lady and exclaim;
'oi mate, check out the fitch!'
by alex jones August 27, 2003
Ten times (as good).
How good is that?
10x, man!
by Alex Jones March 07, 2005

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