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n. someone who is completely witless. a low level nincompoop who rarely sees things in perspective. Shallower than the dead sea and perchance saltier too...
wrong lane mork, you just bowled allen a gutterball...
by Alex Johansen May 31, 2007
n. When someone is being a real big creep. One who does some real sketchy things. A person who pretends to be a transfer student at another school just to meet members of the oppostie sex.

Ben, quit being such a creepaleep, they can see you in the bushes.

Chris, she's 15...you're such a freakin' creepaleep...
by Alex Johansen May 31, 2007

v. flooger; floogering; Usually done in Lethoso
We went to Lethoso to Flooger
by Alex Johansen May 31, 2007
A term on the Risk website Conquerclub.com meaning "Foe And Move On"; as a suggestion for ignoring another player.
UserA: That guy attacked my region for no reason other than personal vendetta.
Moderator: Sorry, UserA, FAMO.
by Alex Johansen February 15, 2012

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