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3 definitions by Alex Huxley

A member of the female social group Alpha Sigma Pi.
"Did you hear about the Arrows' community service project? It sounds really cool!"


"The Arrows' motto is: 'To be borne aloft amongst the muses.'"
by Alex Huxley July 10, 2008
51 33
A person who is generally awesome. Exhibits preference for righteous activities such as bashing corn signs and yelling "WHAT?!?" at passers-by.
"Hey, let's go on tour. We better call Nidey!"
by Alex Huxley June 20, 2008
4 0
An alcoholic beverage consisting of white rum, Diet Coke, and a lime wedge.
"I'll have a JKB. Duh."
by Alex Huxley June 20, 2008
4 5