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The place where sex happens, most commonly referred to when regarding affairs, but can be used in any situation. This location is specific to the place where the actual sex act takes place, not just a rendezvous point for a date.
Although the two cheaters went to Starbucks for their date and the foreplay, the actual fornlocation was the Marriott down the road.
by Alex Homeskillet July 27, 2008
the food of choice for tards worldwide. first made famous in the trombone chronicles, in the sonicare chapter.
jimmie attempted to eat his fruit cup but ended up spilling it over his plastic poncho in a drooly mess.
by Alex Homeskillet February 24, 2008
one who is too embarrassed and/or lazy to tell people about something or someone, so instead they pick people that can't keep secrets to tell everyone about it. often practiced by uptight religious people who lost their virginity and want people to know they are no longer uptight, but too embarrassed to tell people themselves. therefore, they let the big mouths do it for them
After years of being a preachy bible-banger, Lexi finally got drunk and had sex with her new boyfriend. Because she was a gossip delegator, she enlisted the biggest gossips of the school to do her work, and now everyone knows she is a slut hidden behind religion and has four STDs. Hoorah!
by Alex Homeskillet July 19, 2008
a russian zoophilic. in other words, he has sex with farm animals and makes for a fantastic debate topic. he also enjoys fondling ricebutts and encourages masturbation during public forum debates. long live putin!
ahh i'm thinking about headin down to the ol' farmhouse and gettin it on with a sheep vladimir putin style.
by Alex Homeskillet March 03, 2008

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