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synonym for fucked up.

slang term that is often used on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Alex: Dude what did Sam do?

Tyler: He cried after getting high

Alex: Thats muffed up
by Alex Hildenbrand May 05, 2010
a energy drink that fuses the power of an energy drink with the taste of a great soft drink. LK Juice was made one day when a groups of rebeling teenagers needed something to do and they decided to go work out to a great extent. the teenagers got very tired and decided to make a drink consiting of their favroite drinks and the teenagers had made what they called LK Juice.
Alex and Brian can't get enough LK Juice because they love the taste and the buzz they get
by Alex Hildenbrand May 27, 2008
A strange hybrid between two amazing people that is unmatched in anyway shape or form
a Altheen is stronger than any human on earth
by Alex hildenbrand May 20, 2008
A word meaning KKK
i am in the KKK but i like to say im in the TriK
by Alex Hildenbrand May 05, 2010

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