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A short-hand version of saying rubbish.
"man that film was so rubs"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
To make things more sleazy, make it sound more appealing, syrupy and believable.
"man i milked that essay so bad"

"u can always milk the excuse in front of a teacher"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
A fat man...associated with food, usually, and maybe an industrial cooker.
"that guy was such a mantub"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
a word meaning to run, or move fast to a certain location. Alternatively it means to do something fast.
"come on man, we gotta breeze it"

"breeze it man, we gotta get this work done by 12"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
Call someone this and you're basically calling them a dozy twonker or silly
"you silly tart"

"you're such a tart"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
A very beautiful and sexy girl, if a little insecure.
You Mewash, are wonderful
by Alex H July 12, 2003
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