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1 definition by Alex Gamburg

An actor who plays in the same movie over and over again but with slightly tweaked plots. His trademark: snapping the necks of wrong-doers.
Most of his movies include the following:
-the token black guy
-the token hispanic
-the token hot girl
-copious amounts of foreshadowing
-neck-snapping action
<fan#1>: Hey, did you hear about Steven Seagal's new movie, "Under Seige?"
<fan#2>: Was that the one where the Arabs hijack the plane?
<fan#1>: No, that was "Executive Decision." In "Under Seige," a battle-ship is hijacked by homicidal Hippies.
<fan#2>: Why do we like Steven Seagal again?
by Alex Gamburg May 21, 2005
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