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3 definitions by Alex G

Mild insult, one who is foolish, one who has made an arse of themselves, one who is rather daft.
'person x is a pompous wazzock'
by Alex G March 14, 2003
To combine marijuana and cigarettes in the same hit by inserting a small piece of cigarette in to an unbowled piece, then burning it until it pops giving you a more intense high...
Yo im soooooo fucked from hitting poppers all night...gotta sit down...
by alex g May 15, 2005
take the worst genre or music in the world...add more guns...more bitches and hoes...mo' fowties...mix it all together with some pure human feces...voila...gangsta rap
Guy 1: hey how did u make the bathroom stink so fuckin bad man??
Guy 2: Oh that...I just took a gangsta rap...
by alex g May 15, 2005