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A term of jealous criticism applied to individuals of rare flexibility and creativity, by mobs of petty-minded group-thinking procedure slaves.
They called me a loose cannon until one of my crazy ideas saved them half a million bucks. After that I insisted on being called a 360 degree swivel-mounted artillery unit.
#rebel #innovator #inventor #creator #individual
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
At full speed, going as fast as you possibly can. (Australian)
"We were fully gunning this old HQ Kingswood totally FLATCHAT downhill with a tailwind, and we still couldn't get away from the copper on his pushie."
#fast #blazing #rapid #quick #speedy
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
Mercilessly revving an internal combustion engine beyond it's sensible limits. (Australian)
No wonder the block disintegrated, he was in second to get past that truck, and then somehow dropped it in reverse, and he was GUNNING the shit out of it at the time.
#revving #accelerating #driving #rev #plant #floor
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
An albino with airs of superiority, who doesn't realise that people were brown long before some of them went north and lost their skin colour.

I hate Asians, but I especially hate those pale bastards, those bloody Cork Asians!

Have you seen the boardrooms of corporations lately? Talk about spot the non-white male! It's being taken over by pink men! It's a Cork Asian invasion!!
#white #asian #caucasian #racist #race
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
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