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Usually found on a Geiser's face, can be spread throughout the body. The street term for this disease is known as "Geiser Rash". The disease can be passed on through physical contact. Usually when one comes in contact with Geiser Rash they sucomb to the Geiser.
Dude, I think I'm getting a little Geiser Rash on my chest!
by Alex Frank January 10, 2005
Shortened form of apt 3A, or left alone as 3A, is the dwelling of a superior non-human race known as Geisers. The Geisers leech off of the human enviroment. When not in the squallors of their sty, they are often found in urban areas such as laundromats or gyms. The only Geiser life forms to ever be witnessed are The Geisers of Canton. They have sapped to the life of human beings, asking for rides, or for a bit of entertainment.
Dude, Geiser is really pissing me off.
by Alex Frank January 10, 2005
Also known as Geiseriasto, a ridiculous slob, who often lives in an apartment showed by a letter following a number. A funny, chubby little boy who often dreams of reaching a high amount of potential. Often found in the Northern USA. Any person to come in reach with this Volumptuious character has therefore given his life to the Geiser. The Geiser will continually call the subject to "hang out".
God that kid is like a Geiser, always calling me to do something!
by Alex Frank January 09, 2005
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