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To be intoxicated with large volumes of cheap American lagers or malt liquors in can or bottle form. Someone who is Austin Reaves'd may find themselves performing empty, spur of the moment acts of vandalism, theft, violence and late night binge eating and other forms of late night mischief. Other symptoms may include creating a so called "wizards staff" constructed by taping empty cans of beer on top of each other until it is quite apparent that he or she has consumed for alchohol than everyone else. While cans of beer are very common the most prominent drinking vessel is a bottle in the 40 ounce variety due to the fact that quality of beer is of no concern. They are typically the last ones to go to sleep during a social night of drinking and most likely reserve the nicest couch hours in advance to deter amateur drinking from claiming them.
"I was so Austin Reaves'd last night I stole Allisons rocking chair and burned it in a fire."

"Have you seen my beer? It was just on the front porch. I think someone Austin Reaves'd us."
by Alex Flynn July 06, 2009
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