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3 definitions by Alex Faircloth

From NPPL.tv:
"The NPPL is the National Professional Paintball League, the sole sanctioning body for all amateur and professional paintball players in North America. It is a league, where player representatives formulate league rules, make business decisions and sanction and preside over all aspects of any NPPL event. The NPPL was founded in 1993 and is the oldest such organization."

See also PSP.
1st Trophy in the NPPL professional division wins 12 medals and $25,000.
by Alex Faircloth October 12, 2005
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'News' put in leet.
d1d j00 h33r t3h n00s 2d4y?/
by Alex Faircloth March 20, 2007
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Paintball Sports Promotions

A competitive league for paintball.

See also NPPL.
Tom: Yeah, our team totally owned at the PSP finals.
Tom's Friend: Dude. We have rentals. Actually, today is my first day of play. Don't lie to the man.
by Alex Faircloth October 12, 2005
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