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A bunch of Brainwashed fags. A group that Violent J and Shaggy started to get all the fag ass 12 year old boys to buy their 10,000 records that are on the shelf. These people are losers.
Sane person A: Hey!! look at the juggalo.
Sane person B: Haha, look at how much of a loser he is
Juggalo: Da six joker cards foo.
Sane person A: *smack*
Sane person B: *smack*
Juggalo: ima stick a shotgun up your ass!!!
Sane person A and B: hahahahahahahahaha
by Alex E January 20, 2005
when someone has to use tweezers to masturbate because his hands are too big in compareson to his cock so he cant get the job done.
Bob: jim has a really small cock, i think he is under 8!!
Dan:8, thats not bad what r u talking about???
Bob:8 centimeters isnt big!
Dan:oh 8 CENTIMETERS. that changes things, maby we should get him a pair of tweezers for his birthday.
by alex e February 07, 2005

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