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4 definitions by Alex Delarge

goatse's lesser known, yet just as effective cousin
by Alex Delarge March 26, 2003
23 6
poison kool aid
i gave bessie some of the jim jones cocktail, she frothed at the mouth, shat her pants and dropped dead
by Alex Delarge March 26, 2003
17 5
a blatantly homosexual emo/mall punk band who annoyingly spams this website
yo, dude wanna go see flipswitch?
Nah, id rather go gargle drain-o.
you're right they suck giraffe chode.
by alex delarge March 31, 2003
3 2
the supreme oxymoron.Also a satanic ska band who formerly known as choking victim.
there ain't no such thang as leftover crack biatch!
by Alex Delarge March 26, 2003
33 54