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(roo'-bicks snake)(n) A puzzle found in the same family as a Rubik's Cube. However, the Rubik's Snake uses triangular prisms instead of cubes, and the purpose of the puzzle is to create other shapes (i.e. sphere, dove, etc.) using various twists and turns of the Rubik's Snake.
A Rubik's Snake is very entertaining because it shows the inner creativity of a person's mind. However, it is harder to find than a Rubik's Cube.
by Alex D. da bom October 04, 2006
1) Any bald person (usually male) who shines their hairless dome.

2) A bald person who has gained the loathings of the masses.
1) I swear, I saw my reflection on Baldicus' shiny dome!

2) Tonight is Dictator Baldicus' trial.
by Alex D. da bom January 13, 2007
(dis-pro'-va)(n) a person who cannot live without electronics for three hours maximum. See also technogeek.
He is a serious disprova. He can't even make love to his girlfriend without a PSP.
by Alex D. da bom October 03, 2006
(el-eckt'-row-dork)(n)essentially, a technogeek obsessed with electronics
John:He is in love with that calculator of his.
Joann: What an electrodork.
by Alex D. da bom October 03, 2006

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