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A nagging upset complainer. A spoiled person who cries when he doesn't get his way.
eg : "Portal is such a whiner when no one agrees with him about his whiny industrial music... it's crap!"

"He bragged about his masters degree but when no one cared, he acted like a whiner"
by Alex Comrad June 10, 2005
When someone makes more money than the person complaining about them. this used to be a term of heavy insult in which one would feel guilty about having money but now holds no weight in the new millenium. To "be paid" or "live comfortably" and not be poor.
james -- *points finger* shameful!!!!...SELLOUT!!!!!

George -- "yep thats me.. paid and living comfortable! ...the sellout. no shame in my game baby!" ;)
by Alex Comrad June 10, 2005

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