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White bread.
Alex: Dad! I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Do we have any Racist Bread?
Dad: No Alex. You'll just have to use whole grain bread.
Alex: Aww...
by Alex Carrera December 04, 2008
A sideways walk with one's back to the wall in order to hide one's bald spot. To do the bald spot creep, one must walk from side to side with their back toucing or facing the wall, in order to hide thier embarassing bald spot.
Joeseph: Why does Mr. Green always walk sideways with his back to the wall?
Alex: He's hiding his bald spot by never turning around. He's embarased of the thing, and soesn't want to show it to his class.
Joeseph: Ah, yes. The old bald spot creep.
by Alex Carrera December 04, 2008
A guy or girl who is only dating their boyfriend or girlfriend because they can and really don't like that person at all. Sometimes, that person even likes someone else but continues to date their boyfriend or girlfriend who they don't even like.
Alex: Man, Andrew needs to break up with Jackie. Everyone knows he doesn't really like her. He's only dating her because she likes him.
Omar: Yeah. We all know it's Katrina who he really likes.
Alex: Now that's a sopolo if I've ever seen one.
by Alex Carrera August 17, 2008

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