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Yet another slang term for male genitalia, but twee and camp rather than vulgar.
"If you show me your boobs I'll show you me tickle-tackle."
by Alex C W January 19, 2008
Meaningless exclamation to be used instead of profanity. "Fucking Hell" became "Flipping heck" (or flippin' 'eck) which became flippy neck. Mainly used by the more polite cockney children.
"Flippy neck! It's cold in here!"
by Alex C W January 15, 2008
Exclamation of annoyance or frustration, derived from the British term "bollocks", meaning testicles or nonsense. To "give someone a bollocking" is to reprimand them.
May also be influenced by "buggeration".
"Oh, bollockisation! My computer just crashed again!"
by Alex C W January 15, 2008
Polite alternative to using "spastic" as an insult. See "spackhead"
"Ya don't don't have to be such a spack'ead about it"
by Alex C W January 15, 2008
Nob as in penis (UK) and "'ead" as in head. Cockney alternative to "Dickhead". Se also "Dcik'ead" and "Nobend"/"Bellend".
"Yeah, well ...he's just a nob'ead, isn't he?"
by Alex C W January 15, 2008
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