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2 definitions by Alex Aiken

Basically meaning pwnd but rubbing it even further.
d00d: Woah man KBD just pwndicated that noobz0r
d00dz0r: Yeah lets take his st00f
by Alex Aiken April 02, 2007
A noob that poops their pants. As in gets really mad for no reason and makes a scene.
d00d: Hey do you have any spare death runes?
d00dz0r: H3y why dont y0u g0 w0rk f0r y0ur 0wn and st0p begging 0ther people cuz j00 suckz0r at lyf3
d00d: Woah man calm down don't terd yourself poob.
by Alex Aiken April 02, 2007