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Wrinkled clumps of items such as laundry. A combination of lump and wrinkled.

Can also be referred to an inebriated state of a person on the floor.
After weeks of throwing her laundry on the floor, they had become a clumpeled mess.

After 20 shots of tequila, Gidoen was a clumpeled mess on the floor.
#lump #wrinkled #inebriated #drunk #laundry #pile
by Alex's girl March 06, 2007
The smell of mildew.
Those old wet close stink of mildow.
#mildew #mold #smell #stink #wet
by Alex's girl March 06, 2007
An almost tickle. When someone starts to tickle you but doesn't actually do it. Often when someone says they aren't going to tickle you, the schmickle is the end result. It is usually just a touch without the actual tickle action but drives you crazy anyway.
Just touching my foot schmickles so don't do it!
#tickle #shmickle #torture #laugh #tease
by Alex's girl March 06, 2007
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