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grown or not It means that now isn't the time that your acting like a kid or your inner kid is coming out.You act like a little girl at times you act like a teenage girl sometimes sometimes you act like a woman but right now your on your grown woman status
Forget yall Im not going to the club tonight Im going to work,shoot im on my grown woman status
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
When someone has deep deep waves and a girl/boy is so obsessed because she/he believes that someone has "good hair" can't get off the fact that the persons hair is the way it is and loves their waves can be characterized a a sesick person
Dang his waves are deep he got me seasick.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
Usually in your community or hood. A house that sells food; usually snacks lol; like a convience store but just a little more convienant than a store. A store in a house
Ay,go next do' and get me a bag of chips from tha sto house.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
To put someones buisness in the open where anyoneone can hear it and know it as if they are welcome to it and it were offered.
I don't want anyone to know that I'm out of the house,so if someone calls don't put my buisness in the paper.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
just dumn as a plum. STUPID
Boy your plum stupid
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
An anklet thats to small and rides up the leg because it can'tsit on the ankle.
She has the nerve to put her bracelet on her ankle knowin dog on well its a leglet now.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
to wear alot of different brands of clothes at the same time.
A babyphat shirt with a pair of applebottom pants...O no, chick is poochin like crazy.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
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