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a fast and easy way to notify you that your penis is too small
Man, I'm glad that email came, or I wouldn't have gotten that date!
by Alex January 18, 2004
Proof of the American dream - it's true - ANYONE can become President of the United States of America.
"Yes Georgie! Harder!" - Tony Blair.
by Alex June 30, 2003
vice president who needs to go see the Wizard for a new heart. Calls all of Bush's shots.
Anybody notice that Dick hasn't been around lately? Is he in his undisclosed place or have they faked his death?
by Alex February 26, 2003
wasted technology because
a. Nobody knows how to use it
b. Nobody really cares
by Alex April 06, 2003
a) The best damn show ever.
b) An example of just how evil Fox is.
c) One hell of a lot better than 'The Simpsons'.
by Alex January 04, 2004
One of the biggest fuckers on the planet. Panders to the right and does not compromise with the left.
Hopefully, Tom Delay will be forced to resign.
by Alex April 30, 2005
He is like a devil, he is like an angel, could he be other rather a rock vocalist? No Liam was born singing!
Liam Gallagher is the summa of the rock star, so his name could be a synonym of rock star
by alex December 19, 2003

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