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A rapper hailing from the notorius Harlem. Smart-businessman turned lyricist and video producer. Gulliest person in any hood.
Don't quote me man cause, i aint say sh**.- Jim Jones, Certified Gangsters

Thats for them ice-cream ni**as. pull up with the AK and lite them cream ni**as.- Jim Jones Purple City Gangsters

Put some crome to your soul and let it blow there they go.-Jim Jones Purple City Gansters

Now be advised we be them guys hundred G's on a ride, gun on me when I drive, gun on me when i ride
Cause of that envy and jealousy...- Jim jones Purple City Gangsters
by Alesia January 31, 2004
normal sex but then someone wil poop into your mound!
Those males have poepsex.
by Alesia December 15, 2003

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