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The last Macedonian king in Egypt, her and the Ptolmey dynasty were direct desendants of Alexander the Greats general Lagus. Also beleived to be one of the most exoticly beautiful women in all of the ancient world
Wow that girl's so pretty she could be Cleopatra, hmmm she must be macedonian then
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005
well jim if only you and your fag friend from Peloponesia would read a book that wasn't writen by a greek, you'd learn a lot of things. like for example, alexander the great really didn't like you greeks, why do you think 95% of the greeks in his army were mercenaries.
I am a real Macedonian, decendant of Alexander the Great Macedonian, not greek. and i UNLIKE most other greeks have stopped listening to my dad for questions about history, and have actually read a couple books on it.
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005
a fictitious country forcefully made by the treaty of Bucharest what it is now.
Greece's borders are on borrowed land, and they're time is almost up.
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005

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