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A guy who falls under the criteria of being 'Indie'

Usually sports the long, messed up hair that looks as if they haven't bothered to fix it, which is the style that they've been trying to achieve in the first place.

Fashion wise, coats and scarves are often worn, with the ocassional trilby hat here and there. Do not forget the jeans, the most common cut are the skinny legs, but sometimes they are not quite skinny legs but more of a straight cut.

Indie guys are the hottest guys, but please never EVER mistake them for being the same as emo.
Indie Girl: Whoa, check out that guy...

Onlooker: That guy? He looks like he just woke up, the sun's out and he's wearing a scarf!

Indie Girl: He's so Indie.

Onlooker: You like emos?

Indie Girl: I'm sick of people mistaking Indies for Emos, firstly Emo will never catch up to Indie's greatness and sense off individuality and secondly, Indie guys don't go off putting eyeliner on and cutting themselves whenever the world doesnt go their way.

Onlooker: ...
#indie #guy #fashion #trilby #jeans
by Alean November 29, 2007
A simple test that can result in one's judgement of a guy's appearance. You know a guy is hot when he can pull off wearing a white shirt.
Check out that guy in the white shirt and jeans...he's just passed the white shirt test
#white #shirt #test #guy #hot #jeans
by Alean February 29, 2008
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