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A person without/lacking pigment.

Half Albinos have red hair, and pale skin with white eye brows normally.
Full Albinos have light, light blonde hair with violet eyes and pale skin.

Albinos are normally crazy in some kind of way. The girls are usually scary and have anger issues as well as bipolar problems. The majority of albinos, male and female, are smart.

They will eventually rule the world.

They are also funny. Like they make funny noisies.

Usually, they're somewhat gay or bisexual. It's rare that they're completely straight.

They also reflect the sun. So, wear glasses if our going to chill with them. They burn easy, obviously.

Enemies: Pigment

Can be used as: noun, verb, adjective,
Ahh! The albinos are coming run!

You better stop before she goes albino on you!
by Albino Helmet May 09, 2007

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