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20 definitions by Albie Wangsta

The coolest thing Spiro Agnew ever said.
Spiro Agnew called the press "nattering nabobs of negativism" in his speech the other day.
by Albie Wangsta April 01, 2004
33 9
Dictator installed by the United States in South Vietnam after the Geneva Accords in order to prevent the Communists from winning control of Vietnam in a democratic election. Repressed Buddhists. Eventually assassinated by the military.
Ngo Dinh Diem was like George W. Bush, but in Vietnam.
by Albie Wangsta April 13, 2004
35 16
Conducive (by appearance, personality, etc.) to being physically restrained, as with ropes or chains.
My girlfriend is very submissive. She sure is bondageable.
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
28 11
The extension of certain essential rights--joint tax filing, hospital visitation rights, bereavement leave from work, to name a few--to mutually loving, consenting couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

Its legal ban is part of President George W. Bush's bid for the Bible Belt's vote in the 2004 election.
We shouldn't allow gay marriage because gay couples cannot reproduce! In fact, elderly couples can't reproduce either, so let's nullify their marriages! And while we're at it, let's ban sterile people from marrying too!
If we allow gay marriage, fairies will come from La-La Land and magically turn everyone in the United States gay, stopping us from reproducing! So ban gay marriage!
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
198 183
Author of Beloved.

See choadarific.
Toni Morrison may have been on one or more controlled substances while writing "Beloved."
by Albie Wangsta April 13, 2004
19 9
See sho nuff.

Followed by gang'ly in common usage in areas of the West Coast.
Sho'nuf! Gang'ly!
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
6 2
See your face.
"You're in some deep shit now."
"Oh yeah? Well, your choad was in some deep shit last night. Oh snap!"
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
9 6