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12 definitions by Albert Woods

Adjective with variable, or no, meaning; used to flummox one's superiors and betters who will not admit to their total ignorance of the word.
In Business:-

'What do you think of the latest sales figures, Braithwaite?

'Well sir, they could be better; but they're quite snepprotical aren't they.'

or Socially:-

'A round of golf tomorrow, Smithers?"

'I'm afraid not Lord Duff. My wife's holding a snepprotical coffee morning.'
by Albert Woods September 07, 2007
21 9
The plaintive cry of the Euro-Asian lesser-brained immigrant, welcomed into the country to fill the vital and skilled role of accosting the public by flogging copies of Big Issue.
Seller: 'Beaky Shoe! Beaky Shoe, plizz!'

Joe Public: 'Piss off!'
by Albert Woods October 12, 2007
27 18
Another example of the Americans mangling the English language. Should be:- Diarrhoea.

As stated above, liquid shits.

'Sorry Lord Puttnam, I can't make it to the Oscars. I've got diarreah.'

'No you haven't, my dear. You've got diarrhoea.'

'Oh... that's ok then. I'll be there at 7.'
by Albert Woods September 11, 2007
49 41
An unbroken string of musical-sounding farts, reminiscent of James Last records.

Also see Smelody.
'God Cynthia. What on earth did you eat last night? You've been bum-humming that Gershwin smedley for at least five minutes. I can't breathe.'
by Albert Woods September 13, 2007
28 36
An ominously large and growing accumulation of Hot Air.
'Please keep talking your Global Warming bollocks. Your breath is saving me a fortune on my heating bills.'
by Albert Woods September 13, 2007
97 893