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The gayest of all gay sex acts, named for its inventor.

To be accomplished, the bottom must have a rectal yeast infection at the time and the top cannot have washed his cock in at least a month.

The top buttfucks the bottom bareback while having to take a huge piss. After the top cums, he leaves his dick in the bottom's cornhole and empties his bladder into the bottom's rectum.

Immediately after the top pulls out, he plugs the bottom's distended balloon knot with three ungreased pool balls in the order 6, 1, 7 to signify the letters "F A G".

The mixture of cum, head cheese, shit, KY, piss, santorum, duck butter and ass yeast are then left to ferment for three weeks minimum.

After fermentation, the pool balls are shat out and sucked clean and the fermented liquid is allowed to breathe in a dirty bedpan for an hour, then strained through a stiff, crusty unwashed jizz rag and served in champagne flutes, garnished with dingleberries and layered with fresh santorum to all their friends at the annual meeting at their clubhouse.
Our Neo Jedi last night was the best
#santorum #fag #chocolate starfish #zamboni #jizz mopper #yeast infection #duck butter #louisville plugger #jism #ky #smegma
by Albert K Hollick January 10, 2009
What the dumbest kid in Special Day Class becomes.
OMD: I'm a forum rock star!

everyone else: That is like being the dumbest kid on the short bus.

OMD: TROLL!!!!!!!!!

everyone else: STFU

mod: OMD, you are banned yet again.

OMD: I'm gonna go start my own forum and be a forum rock star!

everyone else: Whatever, retard.
#short bus #retard #tard #troll #forum elitist
by Albert K Hollick March 22, 2009
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