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A fucking great game. Better than any pussy ass ps3 or 360 game. This fucker had you killing 16 bad ass bosses in a row in a fucking sexy environment. This game is the greatest game i ever played. Man, After playing this game you'll want to burn the box and inject the smoldering ashes into your retina. And check out this mutha fucka, the third in the series is coming out soon. Jesus I almost had a heart attack and a stroke when I heard this shit. Fuckin' Japs man, They make killer games. For the PS2, and its only $20, TWENTY DOLLARS. MAN YOU COULD BUY A SPAYED CAT OR BUY THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE.
Harley: Hey man I just bought MW2 wanna play?

Jack: No, ill play Shadow Of The Colossus, the game that'll rape your mother and kill your dog.

#jesus #died #for #this #game
by Albatrosslawl August 04, 2010
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