1 definition by Alastor Thraxton

The Slender Man is a mythological figure, who is distinguished by his lack of facial features, impeccable black suit, extreme height, and the mass of tendrils that extend from his appendages. He is also known for the ability to stretch his limbs to impossible lengths. His Modus Operandi is stealing children, usually by mesmerizing them with his gently swaying tendrils, and having them walk towards him until they are well within his grasp. What he does, exactly, with these children is unknown, whether they are killed, eaten, or simply brought to a different dimension to Slender Man's abode. The Slender Man is commonly found on the /x/ forum in 4chan, and is a prominent figure in creepypasta.
Mark: Hey, will you take care of my little sister for the night?
Sally: Yeah, no problem.
(four hours later)
Mark: Where's my sister?
by Alastor Thraxton August 18, 2011

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