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2 definitions by Alaskan_Wolf

When your neighbor hires a loud, obnoxious hooker; and no matter what you do, you can't seem to block out the noise.

He's obviously having fun, and she's in it for the money, but the rest of the apartment complex knows they're both a pair of assholes we're all better off without.
Pass me that coffee, man... my fat-assed neighbor hired a Palin last night, and they kept me up with all their bullshit until dawn.
by Alaskan_Wolf September 06, 2010

Noun: A self-centered person.

Verb: To do something for self gratification that hurts others, or to vandalize a natural wonder.
Leaving graffiti on a mountainside? What a nocket!

We went to see the canyon, but some vandals had nocketed most of the best cliff. It really ruined our trip.
by Alaskan_Wolf October 25, 2014