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How you refer to a foul smelling person who lives in the bush of Alaska who for lack of social interaction chooses to bathe on a monthly or possibly yearly basis.
Wow, that guy must be from Eagle, cause he is smelling Bush Ripe!
by Alaska Dave January 09, 2011
A young gay man who was raised on a farm.
Wow, that young gay farmboy looks hot in those bibs! Yes, he's a free range chicken!
by Alaska Dave January 10, 2011
Young, twenty-something females that use their sexuality to get free drinks, drugs, meals, cars, job duties, etc. They wear tight clothing and partake in age inappropriate flirtations just to get what they want. Obviously they are fakes. Quite possibly lesbians at heart.
I think those two waitresses at the Beach House are Booby Girls.
by Alaska Dave September 25, 2011
an item you see that you have absolutely no idea what it is, what is does or what it is for.
She has lots of eepers in her kitchen drawers
by Alaska Dave October 07, 2008
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