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(noun. pron. hay-v'n) place of safety, place to repair to in a storm, natural harbour, port, coastal inlet, berth with channelled access
When the sea became threatening that night, we returned to the safe haven of St. Jean de Luz rather than riding it out.
by Alarick September 10, 2006
(adjective) describes a mood of stable happiness, state of elation, also (esp. males) arousal. Noun: Gladness; adverb: gladly; verb: gladden
Just thinking of Georgie's sensuousness made him glad
by Alarick September 13, 2006
(verb) to cock something up, to make a bad job of it, to complete a task incompetently.
The plumber bungled the cistern repair. Now it's raining through the ceiling.
by Alarick September 06, 2006
(adj.) from Old English: "rise to the attack", "readiness for battle" (mindset for same). Earlier associated with the will - "resolve", "eagerness", in less militarised times tending to "dignity", "solemnity", seriousness. Need not exclude humour.
John's earnest wish was to enable access to pure water for all.
by Alarick September 03, 2006
(noun) arousal-interruption. Mega-Gladness starts going to your prick, then something/someone dampens progress
In the middle of "Marquis de Sade" Sadie flicked over onto the State of the Nation speech. Sandy found that a total bonerbarrier.
by Alarick September 13, 2006
(noun) condition of scrotum after swimming in cold water, walnut bag, also at point of maximum sexual excitement, also before decisive moment (battle, competition, exams, then adrenalin-induced)
after his swim down the river, Paul's walnutsack gave his trunks the spiked look.
by Alarick September 12, 2006
disreputability, tendency towards the dishonest, state of doubtful authentification
She (von Speyr) had a long series of visions into saints' lives (eternalised as the "Book of All Hallows") which reads like so many school reports and has a tendency towards theological dodginess.
by Alarick September 02, 2006

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