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1 definition by Alaric23


1. An imagined monster. similar to the "Boogy man",(or, as in the south "Booger Man") except outdoors.

2. the cause of dog's agitated barking, when no obvious reason presents itself.

3. In a variation of tag, the player (usually a boy) who is "It" hides in the backyard, while the other players (usually girls) lock arms and skip around the house starting from the front yard, singing "Ain't no booger bears out tonight, 'cause Daddy killed them all"

...the "Booger Bear" then leaps from hiding and chases them.
a rustle in the underbrush, at twilight or after dark may be only the wind, or it may be a Booger Bear.
by Alaric23 April 22, 2011
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