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3 definitions by Alana13

When something is so gross you cant bare the thought ,

thats when it goes from gross to nasty , bitch nasty...
Bitch nasty can be a person, an act, or a trashy wedsite, or image.
There is so much bitch nasty on the net.
she is bitch nasty!
by Alana13 June 06, 2009
Means :
Gross, Revolting, out of style,

Stupid people are so lokeesh..
I wish she would not wear that its lokeesh..
this can be clothes , shoes , a hair style , or hair texture , someone with greasy looking hair could be call lokeesh.
ultimatly it means nasty.
Why are you still talking to me , your lokeesh!
his lack of education is lokeesh.
by Alana13 June 05, 2009
A person who smells bad, or reaks of a fowl oder.
Such as someone who smells of sex, fish, or anykind of unwashed oder...
she smells like a Dill Pickle...
he smells like a dill pickle...
by ALANA13 June 05, 2009