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Rape is a horrible thing which can be commited by any sick-minded dork. You dont need to be a guy.. You dont need to be a woman.. You dont need to be stupid adolescent to do it..Just because I, being a woman, adding this definition, does not mean i am some stupid whiny bitch. No, it means i am a teen concerned about the problems people seem to have using rape(d) as a synonym for beaten or defeated.That shouldn't happen. Rape is a serious issue. Teens should know the difference. But in this age, it doesnt matter what the word is, it most likely has a more funny definition that idiots use. But even if some one with a brain reads this it wont matter... Unless people take a stand. One of my friends and I were at a fair and she got lost. A man started to chase her and conered her in an alley. He then raped and beat her. When my friends and i found her, we had to take her to the hospital. When she got out, it took her 5 months of therapy just to say who did it. The man who did it was a guy from our group. It may be hard for those who have not been faced with rape to understtand but it is really horrible. And the people who do it and enjoy it should all go to Hell and burn for the rest of eternity.
"Hey, Matt."
"What, Brody?"
"You know Alana?"
"Yeah what about her?"
"Remember when we went to that fair a couple years ago?"
"Yeah..I remember Alana ran off some where, where'd she go anyways?"
"She said no to me when i asked to take her out to dinner at my place. So, I chased her down and alley and raped her.."
"What the hell? Are you serious? Do you know what happens to people when they do that?
"Well yeah they go to jail..but only if the person they did it to tells anyone."
"Yeah well you just told some one you idiot."
"Your not gonna rat on me are you?"
"Yeah I have to. Alana is still scared."
"Whatever. You wouldnt dare."
*Matt walks away.*
The Next Week
Judge: I hereby am Sentencing Brody Micheals to Ten years in prison for the rape and beating of Alana Johnston."
*Brody is cuffed and sent off to the next ten years of his life in jail.*
**all names HAVE been changed..**
by Alana's Friend December 27, 2007

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