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A British PRODUCED Irish comedy. (Of course, Ireland's not part of the UK though). It was written by two Irish guys (making it Irish!) and it's awesome. It's in the writing and acting, Irish writing, Irish acting = Irish show.
Father Ted is awesome.
by AlanTheMan3436 August 22, 2006
The place that everybody thinks is part of the UK but isn't (excluding Northern Ireland). The place where plenty of scangers try to be very anti-british using Irish sentences and slogans they don't understand.

Other then that, we're awesome :) Also without us, there'd be like...2 people in the USA today.

Ireland will one day become an Empire in the same way that happened in Star Wars Episode 3.
Ignorant American: Hey, you're from the UK, aren't you?
Irish person: Oh no, I'm from Ireland.
Ignorant American: Yeah the UK!
Irish person: Ireland's not part of the UK.
Ignorant American: Oh really? Whatever, so does the queen visit often?
Irish person: No, do she visit you?
Ignorant American: No stupid. We're not part of the UK like you!
Irish person: ...
by AlanTheMan3436 August 22, 2006

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