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(noun) A globular accumulation of dried smegma, semen, and/or vaginal fluild around hair shafts near the vagina. Analogous to a dingle-berry that hangs from an ass hair.
"While eating out Cindy, I was unpleasantly surprized to bite into a cunt berry."
by Alan69 August 07, 2007
(noun) A sexual maneuver where the male, during ejaculation, removes his penis from the vagina and inserts it into the anus--leaving a trail of semen connecting the two cavities, and thus "stitching" them together. If this maneuver is performed multiple times during a single ejaculation, it would then be referred to as a "double stitch", "triple stitch", etc.
"At the moment of copulation, Bronson abruptly decided to pull out--giving Rachel a stitch instead of a baby."
by Alan69 August 07, 2007

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