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Disgustingly bad breath. Smells like a toilet that has not been cleaned for a long period of time. Is also applicable to one who smokes and drinks coffee. Similar to turd breath.
I knew my boss was standing behind me because of his terrible toilet breath.
by Alan1999 December 23, 2006
The thin round piece of paper found in public restrooms. It is used to place on the toilet seat to protect oneself from ass fungus.
"Dude, they didn't have any crapper condoms in the mall restroom, so I shit my pants, but, you know, better safe than sorry."
by Alan1999 July 11, 2008
Picking your nose and flipping it on the floor or dashboard of your friends car. When in your own car, you flip it out the window.
Kevin was flipping boogs in my ride last night. I was going to score with this bitch until she got hit with one of his boogs.
by Alan1999 April 06, 2008

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