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Another name for Interstate 465, the beltway (ring freeway) surrounding the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Approximately 50 miles long, it passes through four cities (Indianapolis, Lawrence, Beech Grove, and Carmel). Most of its length is in Indianapolis.

The freeway is also known for motorists' general ignorance of the speed limit (55 MPH). A majority of traffic moves at 70 MPH or faster, garnering this freeway this nickname.

I-465's north and east legs are also characterized by severe traffic jams rivaling those of much larger cities. This is exacerbated by the high number of semitrucks/tractor-trailers that traverse the freeway at all hours of the day.
I love fooling out-of-towners into thinking that the Indy 500 consists of 10 laps around the Indianapolis Motor Beltway.
by Alan Kirschner June 16, 2007
A process by which some Midwestern cities, formerly sleepy towns, gain urbanization and become more like Chicago, Illinois.

Many long-time natives of these cities, and furthermore, those living in the same area but outside these cities, despise the process.
I'm sick of it... Indianapolis is getting chicagoized. A new downtown, mid-rise condo towers, and a gentrified hippie village... What's next, a 20 mile bike path? Oh, wait.
by Alan Kirschner June 16, 2007
A county in central Indiana containing many suburbs of Indianapolis. Major cities and towns include Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and Noblesville. The estimated population in 2006 was 251,000; in 2000 the population was only 183,000, making Hamilton County one of the top 20 large growing counties in the nation.

Hamilton County is also known for its residents' wealthiness, with 2005 median household income above $82,000, which is extremely high given the low price of housing there (median home value: $200,000). Carmel is the wealthiest of Hamilton County's places, with a median household income of about $120,000.

Hamilton County's overrated - too expensive. I'd rather spend less money and live in Indianapolis itself.
by Alan Kirschner June 16, 2007

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