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When someone comes unstuck or gone off the rails. Or a situation doesn't quite go to plan.
"Dave's in hospital, he's gone Pendolino after seeing his wife with the milkman" or "this cunning plan of yours has gone a bit Pendolino"
by Alan D B March 27, 2007
A term with a dual meaning, an alternative term do describe the cider based 'snakebite' drink. Also a rare term to describe the act of using ones penis as an adapted weapon, usually aimed at the face.
"Are you out tonight for a cocki slappie?" or "I need a policeman, I've just been cockie slappied by those happy-slappers"
by Alan D B April 15, 2007
an irresponsible game, usually played under the influence of an alcoholic substance. The rules include finding the drunkest person in a pub and tipping their chair back and measuring the time in which takes for the person to fall backwards. The winners are rewarded with a cockie-slappie (see cockie slappie ref)
"Laura has one cockie slappie to her name because she gave that drunkard a tippie chair"
by Alan D B April 15, 2007

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